Children must be protected

To the Editor:

Almost every day we hear of another child being abused, molested, raped or murdered.  This has become an epidemic that has to be stopped.

We have to start protecting our children at all costs. The time for talking is past. Every time a child is hurt, that child will always be a victim while the predator goes on his or her merry way, free to offend again.

We have to learn the signs of abuse; every parent knows when their child is acting differently. When this happens, take the time to find out why. Children must be convinced they can tell if someone is abusing them, and they have to know you will support them and help them. The only way we can stop the abuse is by exposing every creep and following through on any problems we find.

I know from personal experience it may cause families to take sides, but it is more important to keep a child safe than to have a good relationship with predator protectors. — Lester Schaffer, Little Falls