Gallati convicted of two counts of possession of meth

In the Seventh Judicial District Court of Morrison County, Jeremy Jerome Gallati, 20, Cushing, was convicted Dec. 28, 2011, of two felony counts of fifth degree possession of drugs.

On May 5, 2011, Morrison County Sheriff’s deputies went to a residence in Scandia Valley Township in order to pick up an individual and hold him for Todd County.

At the residence, the deputies approached a camper with four individuals inside. The deputies saw that one was holding a pipe which appeared to be used for smoking methamphetamine.

Investigation of the trailer showed meth and empty baggies on the table.

Another individual in the camper was Gallati, who denied smoking the meth or knowing it was present in the trailer, even though it was in plain sight and that the other three individuals admitted to either smoking the drug or passing the pipe.

Gallati pleaded guilty to both counts and was sentenced to 15 months at the correctional facility in St. Cloud, stayed for five years for the first count and 13 months for the second count at the same, stayed for five years. For both counts, Gallati will spend 360 days in jail, was fined $1,170 and was given five years probation.