GOP doesn’t want public watching

To the Editor:

State Republican leaders have told us over and over lately to put the past behind us. They’re telling us that because they hope we’ll forget how their party had to replace their state chair and their Senate Majority Leader last week.

Their former state chair left them with a surprise debt of over $1 million. Their Senate Majority Leader was forced out after an inappropriate relationship with a staffer, but only after Republican leadership knew about it for three months.

The Republicans, including (Rep. Mike) LeMieur and (Sen. Paul) Gazelka, refused to tax the wealthiest. Instead, they voted to reduce rent credit, steal from school funds and tobacco funds, push increased debt into the future and create massive property tax increases. But they took good care of themselves.

State Republican leaders don’t want people looking back at what they’ve done.

Local Republicans are trying the opposite tactic. Many of their letters lately are just repeats of the distorted facts they spread around during the past campaign.

They’ve done well at keeping LeMieur and Gazelka out of sight, except for carefully prepared guest editorials and safe appearances.

Local Republicans have good reasons to keep people from looking at what LeMieur and Gazelka have done. — Tina Larson, Little Falls

  • Another Opinion

    The Titanic sunk steering away from the tip of the iceberg but didn’t know the dangers hidden below the water’s surface. LeMieur and Gazelka are a couple of “hidden dangers” in the waters of politics. If you don’t like what they’ve done, vote them out of office in November!

  • Tony

    Tina, you really nailed it! Look at the “guest editorial” (really a free campaign ad, compliments of the Record) from the Republican Co. Chair….she just did exactly what you were talking about! She repeated distortions (I’d call them lies) from last election, and she tried to take attention away from the terrible voting records of LeMieur and Gazelka. You couldn’t have said it better!