Minnesota caucuses set for Feb. 7; plan to get involved in process

By Patty Wilczek, Guest Columnist

It’s a new year, a clean slate and caucuses are coming. The beginning of the political year has already started as in the Iowa Caucuses Jan. 3. Our Minnesota Caucuses will be held Tuesday, Feb. 7, officially starting at 7 p.m.

As Republican Party chairperson of Morrison County, I invite you to join us to attend your Republican caucus at the different locations we have set up. Please watch for ads in the Morrison County Record to inform you of your precinct caucus location.

I encourage young people who will be of voting age in the next General Election to join us. See first-hand the beginning of the political process. You may join your precinct caucus as a participant or observer. Morrison County also has a newly-formed Young Republican Group which started in October 2011.

If you think you don’t have time for politics, I would ask you to reconsider. Politics affects government and in turn, government affects us every day. As citizens, we are responsible for our government. Being a responsible citizen requires something from us — involvement.


Now, what is that I hear? “Hark the sound of a beating drum.” The same drum is passed from one person to another. The same old drone of DFL letters to the same old beat. The DFL agenda boils down to this, blame Republicans for: the rich 1 percent, evil big business, pay increases to legislators, property tax increases because of Republican legislation, shifted money to balance the budget using education and tobacco funds.

Let’s take the last one first: Republicans did not want to shift any money at all and had in fact submitted a balanced budget to Gov. Dayton without doing that. The “Dayton Shutdown” required Republicans to compromise and that money was used to balance the ensuing budget. The same “money shift” had been utilized by the DFL-dominated Legislature since 1983.

Property tax increases are determined by local government. The switch from the homestead market value credit (HMVC) to the homestead market value exclusion (HMVE) does not increase property taxes at all. If a property tax increase occurs, it has everything to do with how the local government handled the “credit” in the past. (There is more than one way to cut a pie).

Legislative pay increases were passed by the DFL legislators; Al Doty was one of them. Rep. Mike LeMieur does not have “Big Business” in his back pocket, never did. His campaign was funded by small donors like myself.

Now to the 1 percent filthy, rotten, rich people. Take “all” their money — every last red penny of it — and it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in terms of the national debt. The current White House administration has tripled the national debt in three short years.

Patty Wilczek is the chairperson for the Republican Party of Morrison County.