Morrison County Sheriff’s Department

Dec. 29 — A resident on Berkey Avenue in Swanville reported an attempted break-in of their truck, resulting in a damaged lock on the topper.

Dec. 30 — A resident on Partridge  Road in Hillman reported a theft.

Dec. 30 — Someone stole Christmas lights from a fence on a property on Lindbergh Drive South.

Dec. 31 — A mailbox on 415th Avenue in Hillman and several neighboring mailboxes were knocked over.

Dec. 31 — A resident on Basil Road in Swanville reported their mailbox was stolen from their residence.

Jan. 2 — A stop sign on Nature Road and Highway 25 in Buckman was knocked down.

Jan. 3 — A resident of Haven Drive in Little Falls reported attempted fraud by a company claiming to be their credit card company.

Jan. 3 — A mailbox and post were smashed at a residence on 103rd Street in Hillman.

Jan. 3 — A scam resulting from an attempt to sell items on Craigslist was reported by a resident of 203rd Street in Little Falls.

Jan. 4 — A mailbox and post were smashed and the 911 address sign was removed from a residence on 113th Street in Hillman.

Jan. 4 — Someone put three scratches in a van while it was parked in a garage at a residence on Peavy Trail in Hillman.

Jan. 4 — Someone drove over a fence on property located on 180th Street in Little Falls.

Jan. 4 — A homemade deer stand, located on property on 290th Avenue in Pierz, was stolen.