Psychiatric drugs are over-prescribed

To the Editor:

Recently ABC-TV News extensively reported how America’s foster care children were 13 times more likely to be prescribed psychiatric drugs than other children, concluding its own year-long investigation and coinciding with a new federal government report on the subject.

Anchorwoman Diane Sawyer was shown interviewing several very young children who’d been taking up to a dozen pyschiatric drugs at once over several years’ time (also prescribed to infants).

Sawyer pointed to an “unholy convergence” of doctors, Medicaid and pharmaceutical companies as the culprits and indicated that pertinent federal agencies she’d contacted all denied having oversight authority/responsibility in this.

Alarmingly, these children’s “torture scenario” is the rule rather than the exception when it comes to other vulnerable and/or institutionalized Americans whose care and treatment is paid through government, like Medicaid and Medicare.

For instance, nursing home residents are commonly falsely diagnosed as schizophrenic and similarly prescribed innumerable powerful psychiatric drugs.

Likewise, people with mental health problems are routinely harmfully over-prescribed psychiatric drugs, often forced upon them through “sham court hearings.”

Veterans are also subject to reckless over-prescription of psychiatric drugs.

Other exploited populations include residents of group homes and psychiatric treatment facilities and people under legal guardianship. — Donna Christianson, Little Falls