Armed Forces

Graduates from AIT 

Army Pvt. Luke A. Stone has graduated from the Fire Support Specialist Advanced Individual Training (AIT) course at Fort Sill, Lawton, Okla. The field artillery specialists serve in intelligence activities including target processing in field artillery, cannon battalions, division artillery, artillery and maneuver brigade and headquarters and fire support elements.

The course is designed to train students to establish, maintain, and operate radio and wire communications and speech security equipment, including encoding and decoding messages. They also must prepare and maintain daily staff journals, fire support situation maps, charts and other fire support and target processing procedures, records and documents. In addition, students assist in initiating requests for field artillery, mortar, naval gunfire and aerial delivered munitions and emplace, maintain and assist in the operation of laser range finders, target designation and night observation devices.

Stone, a 2011 graduate of Brainerd High School, is the son of Lisa D. and Anders J. Stone of Cushing.