Motley City Council votes to proceed with 2012 street project

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

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The Motley City Council voted Tuesday night to accept the feasibility study from Widseth Smith Nolting (WSN) concerning the 2012 street project being considered.

In December, Aric Welch from WSN gave a feasibility study that included Third Avenue between West River Road and Mill Pond Street; Third Avenue and Eledridge, Harrison and Curtis streets; Front Street and Fourth Avenue; Wellwood Street; Morrison Street; Cimarron Drive; and Postel Drive. The cost of $1.7 million was more than the Council was willing to spend. They asked Welch to eliminate several of the proposed projects and return with another study.

The new area being considered, as recommended by Motley’s Street Committee, is Morrison Street; Emery Road; Wellwood Street, Third Avenue between Mill Pond Street and West River Road; Third Avenue between Eledredge and Cemetery Road, and Eledredge, Harrison and Curtis streets between Fourth Avenue and Highway 10. Front Street and Fourth Avenue, Cimarron Drive and Postel Drive have been eliminated from the project.

Welch said the cost of the new area being considered would come to approximately $1.085 million, which included construction costs, the 10 percent contingencies fund and the 20 percent engineering, administrative and legal costs.

It is estimated that residential water improvements will cost $42,100, residential sanitary sewer improvements will cost $15,900 and residential roadway improvements will cost $330,300. Commercial water improvements will cost approximately $132,800, commercial sanitary sewer improvements $36,500 and commercial roadways $481,400. The Emery Road project is expected to come to $46,800.

Residential water assessments to six lots in the project area are calculated to be $1,700 each, or $10,200 (23.2 percent of the total cost).

Residential sanitary sewer assessment calculations to four lots come to $2,100 each, or $8,400 (52.8 percent of the total cost).

Residential rural roadway costs are estimated at $1,900 for each for the 27 lots in the project area and the urban roadway costs are expected to be $3,800 for each of the seven lots. The total assessable costs come to $77,900 (23.6 percent of the total cost.)

The city will pay the amount over and above the assessments of the residential costs.

Commercial water assessment calculations will be assessed at $22.67 per linear foot and commercial sanitary sewer assessments will be calculated at $36.50 per linear foot. Roadway assessments will be calculated at $50.67 per linear foot.

The five assessments on Emery Road are based on 100 percent of the cost, as per an existing agreement with the city. Each lot will be assessed $9,360.

Welch said that based on those rates, the residential assessments, not including Emery Road, will vary between $1,900 and $5,700 with an average being $2,931. Commercial assessments may vary between $1,900 and $40,387 with the average amount coming to $14,378.

A public hearing concerning this project has been set for Monday, Jan. 30, at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

Motley City Council briefs

Other business conducted by the Motley City Council Tuesday night included:

• Voting to be included in Level One of the Community Growth Institute’s Network Community program, giving access to professional planning assistance to the city. The cost would come to $200 per month and the city would be able to have two pages on a community Web site, unlimited phone assistance, a customized network portfolio of planing and zoning information and receive a 15 percent cost reduction on training and education offerings;

• Voting to spend $2,115.20 for a Law Enforcement Technology Group LLC ticketwriter and all appropriate software, printers and other supplies for the police department. Police Chief Brian Madison said the device would be paid for from forfeiture money and was necessary since the state was going to standard citations;

• Establishing Rob Sampson as the acting mayor; Nancy Nieken as the street commissioner and maintenance liaison; Steve Johnson as the police liaison; Sampson as the administrative liaison; Duane Solga as the assistant weed inspector, Nieken as the emergency management director and Peter Vogel as the city attorney;

• Scheduling a Jan. 25 meeting with department heads, the Fire Department and the Police Department to establish a disaster plan;

• Renewing tobacco licenses with Orton’s BP, Motley Express, Y Knot Liquor, Mr. Ed’s Restaurant, H and R Ten Hi, Bremer’s Bar, Two Rivers Grocery, Motley Discount Liquor and Brick’s Travel Center;

• Voting to establish a finance committee to preview any large purchase requests before the Council is asked to vote on the expenditure;

• Renewing the 3.2 liquor license with Orton’s BP;

• Declaring the Staples World as the legal newspaper for the city even though the submitted bid by the Morrison County Record was $3.04 less per column inch;

• Learning the Motley Fire Department responded to 15 calls during December and 111 calls during 2011; and

• Accepting the resignation of Lana Hansen from the Planning and Zoning Committee.

The next regularly scheduled City Council meeting will be held at the Motley City Hall Tuesday, Feb. 14, at 7 p.m.