Christmas ‘poem’ showed hate

To the Editor:

I read with great disappointment the letter in the Christmas issue of the Record which attacked our state Rep. Mike LeMieur.

The letter, in the prose of a poem, made disparaging and untrue remarks about LeMieur. The sarcasm and words stated in the letter/ “poem” reflects a new low in local politics.

It continues a year-long pattern by DFL liberal taxers and spenders who are attacking LeMieur. The statements made in these vicious attacks on LeMieur are distortions. Many are outright allegations. It’s not a debate what these letter are saying. Rather, it’s hate.

For the record, who is Mike LeMieur? What is his legislative record?

He is a lifelong resident of Little Falls whose extended family goes back four or five generations in Morrison County. He’s a co-owner of a family small business. He is a husband and father. He’s a dedicated Little Falls volunteer fireman.

LeMieur puts his constituents first. His legislative record is one of strong pro-life leadership and fiscal responsibility. He voted for a balanced budget. (In other words, not spending more than the state takes in — a concept that is foreign and unthinkable to liberal DFL politicians.) — Fred Festler, Little Falls