Christmas ‘poem’ showed hate

To the Editor:

I read with great disappointment the letter in the Christmas issue of the Record which attacked our state Rep. Mike LeMieur.

The letter, in the prose of a poem, made disparaging and untrue remarks about LeMieur. The sarcasm and words stated in the letter/ “poem” reflects a new low in local politics.

It continues a year-long pattern by DFL liberal taxers and spenders who are attacking LeMieur. The statements made in these vicious attacks on LeMieur are distortions. Many are outright allegations. It’s not a debate what these letter are saying. Rather, it’s hate.

For the record, who is Mike LeMieur? What is his legislative record?

He is a lifelong resident of Little Falls whose extended family goes back four or five generations in Morrison County. He’s a co-owner of a family small business. He is a husband and father. He’s a dedicated Little Falls volunteer fireman.

LeMieur puts his constituents first. His legislative record is one of strong pro-life leadership and fiscal responsibility. He voted for a balanced budget. (In other words, not spending more than the state takes in — a concept that is foreign and unthinkable to liberal DFL politicians.) — Fred Festler, Little Falls

  • Joe

    And the same was done to Al Doty – it is a reflection of how polarized our political system is. It needs to stop.

  • Tony

    Fred, your math skills are better than that….you know you can’t balance a budget with borrowed money. That’s what LeMieur voted to do. (“Borrowed” in this case means taken unwillingly…if that happened to you you’d call it stealing) Money was “borrowed” from our schools, and many of them had to go out and borrow money (and pay interest) to operate because of that. Money was “borrowed” from our state’s future tobacco settlement money. It will cost over $500 million in interest to MN taxpayers to pay it back.
    The DFL people I know all wanted to actually balance the budget, by bringing the tax rates on the wealthiest up closer to what the rest of us pay. LeMieur voted against that.
    You asked “Who was Mike LeMieur” and “What was his legislative record”…..there’s your answer.
    And one more thing….those “vicious attacks” you’re talking about? Where was your letter last year when all the distortions, smears, and lies about Al Doty were put out? You’re throwing out some pretty strong words this year….seems like if that’s a problem you could have started a year earlier.

  • Christmas poem shows politics as usual in this area, get over yourselves

    Really, Fred? You think you can honestly say this wasn’t a fairly decent piece of political satire? I thought it was clever writing, most of it true? Again, if one doesn’t agree with the point of view, of course one would like to shut it down. And, by all means, don’t let any anonymous commenters state their p.o.v.’s!! We absolutely need to shut down those folks, especially if the views differ from the editorial point of view!! Must be nice to be a member of the party who the editor favors!!