DFL should’ve taken a Christmas break

To the Editor:

The Christmas/New Year holidays are the time of the year when people are celebrating the wonder of the season and wishing everyone a joyous and positive year to come. Everyone is full of good cheer and happy to pass it on to whomever they meet.

The Dec. 25 Record followed though with that cheer. The front page carried a heartwarming story of the wonderful Christmas gift to the community by Charlie’s Pizza. Other pages were full of colorful ads from businesses wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. It gave me a really good feeling.

Unfortunately, the letters to the editor were a complete letdown. One DFL letter attacked Rep. Mike LeMieur with a very disparaging ‘poem.” Another negatively attacked the GOP. This was so out of place on Christmas Day when we celebrate one of the holiest days of the year.

The Jan. 1 Record  was no better with two more disgusting letters attacking LeMieur and the Republicans. It would’ve added to the joy of the season if the high road and been taken and letters suspended for two weeks. Instead, they took the low road and continued with attack letters full of half-truths and misrepresentations. — Clara Kedrowski, Little Falls

  • Tommy

    Clara what’s the big deal! All we’ve heard in the news media during this joyous Christmas season, is that the state GOP chair resigned due to massive debt to the party. As well, the state senate majority leader, having an affair with a staffer causing a forced resignation. There was then the appointment of a new state senate majority leader. The GOP stated that we must “forget about the past and move forward.” Wow!

  • Tony

    Clara, if I ever saw your name signed below a “high road” letter or ad, I’d be shocked!
    I’m not sure if everyone else appreciates the irony of Clara attacking the DFL by accusing them of attacking, but it sure is a familiar tactic.

    For those who haven’t noticed how this works, here’s the formula Clara and her party have followed for several elections:
    1. Make disparaging remarks and inflammatory distorted statements about the opposition.
    2. Wait until the other side responds and says the accusations weren’t true.
    3. Whine in public that the other side is making disparaging remarks by saying they lied.
    Be sure to use words like “disparaging” and “false” and “hate”, but say that’s what was done to you.
    4. Repeat number 3 over and over until some people forget who started it in the first place.

    If people get caught up in that, they’ll lose track of the real issue in the election, which is how well constituents are being represented by Mike LeMieur. If showing people how LeMieur is voting is disgusting, I guess that tells us what we need to know.

    I remember in the last election, Clara, that you wrote “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.
    Now this year, you’re using that same old formula, trying to make us feel sorry because it’s heating up when people see what LeMieur and the Republicans are doing to the 99%.

    Looks like that low road you travel on is just a one-way street.

  • Let’s all practice what we preach

    . . . and Mitt Romney thinks the ravaging income disparity between the 1% and the 99% — essentially the demolition of the middle class — should be discussed behind closed doors in “quiet rooms”. The Christ of Christmas does not want us to suspend work on justice issues during any weeks of the year. The Lord of Peace and Justice does not want us to sweep injustice toward our fellow man/woman under the rug (or into a “quiet room”) ever, not even during Christmas. Similarly, if letters or opinion pieces are rude or untrue, they are equally offensive to our Lord during ANY week of the year, not especially at Christmas. As Newt Gingrich famously said in a recent Republican debate, enough of the “pious baloney”, Mrs. Kedrowski. We all need to do a bit better at practicing what we preach.