Education must be improved

To the Editor:

I was recently reminded that the Republicans were requesting government reform ideas (Aug. 21, 2011, Record). Wow — by the people, for the people.

We must improve education because education is our most important civil right, and prepares us to be more productive citizens. These improvements could include televised classes, DVD classes, CD classes and so on, all by the best teachers in the state.  Think of it, high school students, graduates, superintendents and even us old people would have these unlimited educational alternatives by the best teachers in the state (country?) available to us, whenever we wanted, at no cost, minimal cost or deposit.

Those who prefer the traditional classroom setting could choose it, and those who prefer the alternatives could choose them. The fast learners could move on faster without waiting for the rest of the class, and the slow learners could take all the time needed without holding up the rest of the class.

If you agree that we need to do more, better, for less in education, please ask Gov. Dayton, Sen. Paul Gazelka and Rep. Mike LeMieur how it is coming, and give them your ideas also. If you disagree, please tell me why in your next letter to the editor. — Tom Paulson, Little Falls