LeMieur deserves blame for bad votes

To the Editor:

LeMieur blamed Gov. Dayton for the government shutdown, even though Republicans added new issues into negotiations at the last minute, and never compromised at all on taxing the wealthiest. Hard for LeMieur to blame anyone else for him taking his pay and benefits during the shutdown, though.

LeMieur and other Republicans are trying to blame local governments for property tax increases. You can easily show that’s not true. Many local governments actually decreased their levies, but people’s property taxes still increased anyway. Those increases can’t be from local government; they’re from LeMieur’s votes. LeMieur can point fingers at someone else all he wants; it doesn’t change the truth.

LeMieur and other Republicans have blamed Democrats for what they claim were unneeded government regulations of business, but one of the first things Dayton did after taking office was reduce many state mandates on businesses, by executive order. Pawlenty could have done that any time and didn’t; the DFL governor did it.

LeMieur is good at blaming others, but it’s time LeMieur takes responsibility for the hardships he’s inflicted on schools, local governments and good hard-working people in District 12B. — Roman Witucki, Little Falls