Let’s join forces to end ‘politics as usual’

By Bob Keeton, Guest Columnist

If you’re one of those who’s fed up with “politics as usual,” join the club. If you’re one of those who wants to do something about it, join the DFL on caucus night Feb. 7, and at the voting booth next Nov. 6.

You only have to do one thing to prove that the DFL Party is the only hope for changing “politics as usual.” Go back and read the “guest editorial” from the Morrison County Republican chair in last week’s Record. After an invitation to join them on caucus night, the Republican chair continued on with their same old distortions from the last election, including repeating a completely false statement about the DFL candidate in that election.

The article went on to blame the state shutdown on Gov. Dayton, blame the property tax increases on local governments instead of the state, and somehow blame the national debt as a reason to not tax the wealthiest at the same rates you and I are taxed.

You can sum up Republican “politics as usual” like this: distort the facts, blame everyone else for things Republicans did, protect the wealthiest at the expense of the poor and middle classes, distract us from that with social issues, and personally attack those who put out the truth.

We saw all that during the last two campaigns from our local and state Republican parties, and in the mailings and billboards and ads paid for by the wealthiest whom they protect. That’s been “politics as usual” from the Republican Party.

If you want to be part of changing that, join us at the DFL caucus Feb. 7. We’ll be asking for resolutions and opinions from those in attendance, and making your opinions part of what the DFL will fight for this November.Safer retirement funds, increased job opportunities, fair education funding and opportunities, fair taxation rates, sensible government spending, and political reform are all DFL issues. They’re all middle-class issues, also.

Join us in the fight for those values. Join us in the fight for the middle class while we still have a chance. Join us at the DFL Caucus Tuesday, Feb. 7, and join us on Tuesday, Nov. 6, to defeat “politics as usual.”

The Morrison County DFL Caucus will be Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 7 p.m. at the Little Falls Community Middle School.

Bob Keeton, a Cushing resident, is the chairman of the Morrison County DFL.