Mementos should stay in cemetery

To the Editor:

I am writing  in regards to the Jan. 1 letter about Oakland Cemetery. I also am very disgusted with the removal of the items from the cemetery.

We had items on our son’s grave that cannot be replaced. His wife and daughters had a big deer figurine that has been there since he passed away, and now it’s gone.

Several other items his brothers, sisters, godchild and myself placed there, that were very precious and had a lot of memories with them, were removed.

I understand it is posted that the items were to be removed by Oct. 1. Why wasn’t a notice put in the Record  so people would know and could have picked their things up until spring?

Why does it hurt to have items on the stone or the cement in front of it? It’s not bothering anyone and shows our loved one is not forgotten, but still loved and missed. — Jan Wozniak, Little Falls