Support Royalton Schools with treasure or time

By Jerome Brezinka, Guest Columnist

Not long ago, Royalton Schools asked for an operating levy to help finance the needs in the district over the next six years. Unfortunately, the levy failed by a vote of 605 to 402. We all have our reasons for supporting or not supporting the levy, and they are all valid. I do not want to scold anyone for their respective choice. However, I would like to reach out to those voters that supported the levy.

I ask you to consider still supporting the schools today either financially or through volunteering your time. I encourage the voters who supported the levy to contact the high school office to make a donation equivalent to the amount your taxes would have been affected annually. I chose to do this myself and if anyone would like to join me in a “schools pledge” to provide some additional funding to the needs of our schools, please contact the school’s office. You may indicate how you would like it spent and it is tax deductible.

Volunteering your time will also be appreciated. Supt. Ellerbusch has stated to me that volunteering makes a great impact at the schools as well. Please contact the school offices and offer your help if you have a few hours available.

In regard to annual state funding to schools, the amount the state provides the Royalton Schools is affected by whether the school has an operating levy or not. Royalton receives $2,399 less per student than the state average. You can blame our lawmakers for the way the laws are written, but having a levy has exponential effects on the amount of funding our school receives from the state. I encourage you to reconsider your vote and support an operating levy on the next available vote.


Jerome Brezinka is a resident of Royalton.