Republicans just don’t get it

To the Editor:

The Republican Party is out of touch with average Americans.

Rep. Mike LeMieur and Sen. Paul Gazelka continue to defend their votes, but let’s compare those votes with what average Americans want. You decide.

Average Americans don’t want their property taxes increasing when their valuation goes down. Republicans who voted for that, including LeMieur and Gazelka, are blaming local governments. Wrong.

Many local governments have “decreased” levies, but property taxes still increased. That’s from LeMieur and Gazelka’s votes, and they can try to shift the blame, but they can’t hide the truth. Votes don’t lie.

Average Americans shouldn’t have to pay a larger percent than the wealthiest do on their income taxes. But that’s what LeMieur and Gazzelka voted for.

Average Americans expect to pay for what they need and use. But LeMieur and Gazelka borrowed from schools and tobacco settlements to “balance” state spending. Our kids shouldn’t be paying our debts.

Average Americans expect people to work at their jobs. Where were LeMieur and Gazelka at public events and meetings this past year? Absent. But, they continued to collect salaries and benefits, even during their shutdown.

Average Americans expect their vote can make a difference. It does. That’s when Republicans will get it. — John H. Salmon, Little Falls