Year in Review got attention

To the Editor:

A couple of things got my attention in the Jan. 1 Year in Review, like the number one story, “The Dewey-Radke House” and the number eight story, “Hannah’s chicken story.”

The mayor said she got a lot of calls from (worried) people about chickens in the city limits. She chose to veto it.

How about all the people who put up a fight with real passion about the Dewey-Radke House? If the mayor really cared, she would have vetoed the tearing down of that historic house and saved the taxpayers $13,000 or more. Instead of making herself feel better, she should have done what was right for the people of Little Falls, not just her cronies.

Next time, I think she should use her own money for her pet projects. My taxes are too high already. — Albert Paganetti, Little Falls