LF School Board votes ‘yes’ to selling advertising on school Web site

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

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While the amount of money this action will generate for the district is still an unknown, the Little Falls School Board voted “yes” to allow the administration to sell advertising on the school’s Web site.

“We have this option to create revenue, we are just not sure how much it will generate,” said Technology Director Mark Diehl.

Superintendent Curt Tryggestad was asked if the school can control the type of advertising allowed. He said that was a concern of the administration.

“We will either try it for a while, or not do it at all. If the Board agrees to go ahead, we would set up a committee to look into it,” he said.

Diehl’s presentation showed that before the advertising went live, the district would have blocked certain categories, such as dating sites, prescription drugs, politics and religion.

School Board Member Sharon Ballou asked Diehl if an inappropriate ad were to be placed on one of the Web site’s pages, whether it could be removed and he said it probably could not.

“We need to anticipate all types of advertising, and block the ones we don’t want,” said Diehl. “We can also be selective on which pages the ads are viewed.”

Diehl told the Board that the ads viewed on the Web site by one person may be different than what another person saw.

“We can try this for a limited time,” he said. “If it doesn’t work, we can shut it down.”

Diehl said the ads would be on a strip, either down the right or left side of each page. There would be no pop-ups.

The trial period will be in force until the end of the school year.


Little Falls School Board briefs

Other business conducted by the Little Falls School Board night included:

• Hearing a presentation from Little Falls Community High School (LFCHS) Principal Tim Bjorge on the 2012-13 registration schedule;

• Learning from Technology Director Mark Diehl that more than 200 educators from Minnesota have signed up for the Feb. 3 Apple Learning Leadership Institute to be held at the LFCHS;

• Listening to presentations from the LFCHS arts teacher Karen Warner, Little Falls Community Middle School (LFCMS) media arts teacher Dave Girtz and Diehl give presentations on how the iPad has impacted the art department;

• Voting to hire Sheila Funk as an at-will substance use prevention program assistant at both the LFCMS and the LFCHS;

• Accepting donations from Box Tops for Education ($141.80) and Melissa Welle ($500); and

• Voting to approve the Education Minnesota Little Falls seniority and certification list.

The next School Board meeting will be held at the Morrison County Government Center Monday, Feb. 13, at 5:30 p.m.