GOP knows how to govern

To the Editor:

Thank you Mike LeMieur and Chip Cravaack for being far better representatives than your predecessors. Thank you for being pro-life, pro-constitution and pro-American.

A good indicator of how well you are doing is the letters (and poem) in the Record  from the DFLers, using the old socialist, communist phrase, “Big Business” and “Big Money,” as though they were dirty words. If it weren’t for big and small business, America would not be the great country it is.

These who are easily led, gullible, indoctrinated by our liberal left education system and far-left unions, conveniently overlook the fact that Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign was financed by millionaires and billionaires — the radical anti-American multi-billionaire George Soros and the CEO of GM. Because of these people, we now have as our president and vice president, a Marxist and a moron. — Joseph Von Itter, Sr., Little Falls