It’s 2012 and here we go again

To the Editor:

At the Legislative update last week, Republican Mike LeMieur used his opening remarks to tell us he’ll be concentrating on banning all abortions in Minnesota.

Maybe he’s trying to redeem himself with pro-life people for his vote that restored funding to human cloning research. There are many people who feel strongly on both sides of those issues; that’s not the point here. The point is that the Republicans — the party that claims they’re for keeping the government out of people’s lives — are going to try to keep us from the truth again this election and LeMieur is helping them do that.

Republicans need to keep us from the truth about their economic agenda. LeMieur balanced the budget by borrowing and refused to tax the wealthiest instead of us.

LeMieur and the Republicans are out of touch with voters in Minnesota; their only hope is keeping voters from realizing that their economic program benefits the wealthiest 1 percent and takes away from the rest of us in the 99 percent.

LeMieur voted 100 percent for that 1 percent Republican economic agenda last year, and it looks like he’s right on track to keep that up this year.

That’s not the kind of representation this area needs. — Martin Witucki, Little Falls