Legislators to stop Webcam abortions

To the Editor:

In 2011, a Rochester clinic started performing abortions via Webcams. The physician isn’t in the room when the abortion is performed. Instead, the abortionist is at the St. Paul Planned Parenthood Abortion Center. This abortion is performed using the RU486 abortion drug. RU486 consists of two drugs. The first drug, mifepristone, kills the growing child in utero. The second, prostaglandin, expels the dead child. There are many risks in this procedure.

Since no physician is present when the woman takes RU486, no one is with her in an emergency. The chemicals in the drug can affect not only the women’s reproductive system, but also her cardiovascular, digestive and central nervous systems. It can cause bleeding, infections, nausea, fevers and other side effects. These effects have caused the deaths of 14 women since 2000 and thousands more have suffered lifelong complications according to the FDA.

I am proud of Rep.  LeMieur and Sen. Gazelka for authoring a bill banning these abortions from happening in Minnesota. This bill requires the physician to physically be with the woman. MCCL supports legislation to prohibit Webcam abortions in Minnesota. Please join me in supporting Gazelka’s and LeMieur’s legislation to stop Webcam abortions in Minnesota. — Mandy Heffron, Little Falls