LeMieur’s bill will stop Webcam scrips

To the Editor:

Recently I attended a legislative update with Rep. Mike LeMieur and Sen. Paul Gazelka at the City Hall in Little Falls. It was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Our legislators gave reports on the upcoming session and listened to a number of concerns from members of the audience. It was a very informative meeting.

One of the bills LeMieur said he planned to introduce this session would ensure the safety of women receiving the RU486 chemical abortion drugs. Currently, Planned Parenthood’s Rochester facility is offering the drugs to women.

There is no doctor present to physically examine the woman prior to administering the drugs or to help them if they have problems afterward. Instead, the doctor administers the drugs remotely via an Internet-based “Webcam” video connection. This is a very dangerous situation for women because of the risks of RU486 can be severe; at least 14 women have died in the United States after taking the drugs. This bill will help protect women from the physical dangers of abortion. It may even discourage some woman from having an abortion.

I commend LeMieur for his strong pro-life stance. This is what we need in St. Paul. — Margaret Johnson, Little Falls