Pick up the Slack: Super Bowl prediction

Sports Editor
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Every once in awhile when dealing with a work assignment, the urge to “mail it in” kicks in.

Thankfully, I work with newspapers, so getting it in the mail is essential.

Rim shot, please.

Thank you.

So, without further ado or analysis, here is my completely unscientific Super Bowl XLVI:

Pats over Giants.


Because when your name is Pat, you look past an evil genius quarterback and plain old evil head coach and cheer for the team bearing your namesake.

Honestly, though, I do like the Patriots to win the game.

They didn’t put together the kind of offensive game they’re used to in the AFC championship game, but even though the Giants defense has been playing well, it doesn’t match up with Baltimore’s by a long shot.

Eli Manning should have a good game throwing against a weak secondary, but I’ll take a hungry Tom Brady and a revitalized Bill Belichick to win by a touchdown, somewhere in the neighborhood of 31-24.