GOP has messed up the United States

To the Editor:

Anyone who insults the U.S. president by calling him a Marxist or his vice president a moron is also saying that those who elected them are Marxists and morons, too. They are lucky to live in the U.S. where, unfortunately such comments are allowed without punishment.

Those who are easily led, gullible, indoctrinated by the right wing conservatives and their greedy corporation friends have overlooked the fact that George W. Bush’s campaign was financed by millionaires and billionaires, too.

They want the U.S. government to end all the regulations that give us clean air, water and safe food. They want to keep the health care system private so millions of Americans, the old, poor or with pre-existing conditions cannot get health care.

They brought the great recession of 2008, which cost millions their jobs, homes and small businesses.

They have sent so many jobs overseas, we now have 6 million permanently unemployed American workers. They now use robotics, electronics and overworked employees so they won’t have to hire.

Locally, we shouldn’t thank our representatives for ending our homestead credit, causing property taxes to rise or for shortchanging our public schools millions of dollars so we cannot educate the next generation. — Stephen D. Smalley, Little Falls