Joyce Pearson of Coborn’s named the February Employee of the Month

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer
[email protected]

Joyce Pearson, a 33-year employee of Coborn’s in Little Falls, was named the February Employee of the Month by the Chamber of Commerce.

Joyce Pearson, a 33-year employee with Coborn’s, was named the Little Falls Chamber of Commerce Employee of the Month for February.

Pearson, who works in the produce department, is very knowledgeable about the company’s products, and is right there when someone has a question.

“Joyce is a very reliable employee,” said general manager Greg Zylka. “She is very helpful with customers due to her product knowledge. Her knowledge with gluten-free products is a great plus for our store.”

Pearson has celiac, a disease of the small intestine. She is unable to eat products containing wheat.

“I am able to assist customers with any questions they have about gluten-free purchases because I have tried just about all of them,” she said.

Pearson’s job consists of keeping the produce shelves stocked with fresh product. Keeping up with the customers is an all-day job, one she does with two others.

“I also greet the customers I meet and thank them for shopping at Coborn’s,” she said. “Customer satisfaction, great service and convenience is important here.”

In her spare time, Pearson loves to watch football. She is a great Vikings fan, among other teams. She is also a Timberwolves fan, loves to watch Nascar and spend lots of time with her family.

Pearson has three daughters. Jackie works at Coborn’s, Sheila works at IWCO in human resources and Kim is a nurse at the Family Medical Center, all in Little Falls. She also has four grandchildren.

“During my employment, I have enjoyed all aspects of working in the produce department. I especially like coaching the younger, less experienced employees in our department,” she said. “It gives me great pride to share my many years of experience with them. When the customer leaves our department satisfied, I feel good that I have done my job. I want to express my appreciation for the customer who nominated me.”

For being named the Employee of the Month, Pearson received gift certificates from Broadway Stylists, Taco John’s and the Pizza Ranch. She also received flowers from Coborn’s and had her photo taken at Silker Studio.