Play by the same set of rules

To the Editor:

Our guy in the White House gave his talk the other day, and he stated in his speech, “Where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.” The “same set of rules” seems to be a theme that some people missed or maybe didn’t want to admit, or think about, but has been the issue ever since this Amish thing got started.

Nobody is out picking on the Amish, and nobody is out to make life hard for them; the issue has been that everybody lives by the same set of rules. If that occurred, letters wouldn’t be in the paper about the phantom chicken poop, the horse apples all over all the roads and parking lots, nor about the buildings without permits, the slow-moving vehicle signs on slow-moving vehicles without proper lighting on public roads, nor would anybody complain about unequal enforcement of laws, reverse profiling or about special treatment by the sheriff.

It is great that people want to live a simpler life, but people can live the simpler life and still obey the laws. Either all of us obey all the laws or nobody obeys any of the laws, since we live in a society where all people are equal and live by the same set of rules. — Dan Schilling, Long Prairie