Republicans forget their failures

To the Editor:

When Minnesota Republican leaders were asked on TV about the demotions of Sen. Amy Koch and Rep. Steve Smith because of their improper relationships with staff members, the Republican leaders said, “We’re putting that behind us now.”

That’s the identical response they gave earlier when their state chair resigned after leaving the Minnesota Republican Party somewhere near $2 million in concealed debt: “Put that behind us.”

We hear that phrase over and over from Republicans; even though they themselves continue dredging up distortions from the past election campaigns to use against Democrats.

If they can make us ignore what they “put behind them,” there’s a chance we might believe their promises about how much better they’ll make things in the future.

They’re good at that. Lots of promises and pledges ahead of time. Lots of broken promises and failure to deliver when the time comes. Lots of telling us what to do and not doing it themselves. But they want us to put all that behind us now, so their promises and pledges work again at election time.

Blame problems on others and when you can’t, just “put it behind you.” Great campaign technique, terrible for governing. Terrible for us. — Harvey Hempech, Little Falls