Clairmont charged with burglary and theft

David Jason Clairmont, 29, Motley, was charged Feb. 1, with one felony count of third degree burglary, stealing.

On Jan. 30, the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a burglary at a residence on East River Road in Motley. The watchman for the property had noticed fresh vehicle tracks on the driveway. He drove onto the property and when he notice the garage door standing open, he called law enforcement.

The deputy on the scene noticed the vehicle had left distinct tire tracks in the snow (one tire may have been a doughnut spare), that one person had exited the vehicle and that his or her footprints were also distinct.

The deputy drove around the city of Motley and noticed similar tire tracks entering Clairmont’s parent’s home.

The deputy later observed a vehicle on the road that matched the description of Clairmont’s vehicle and it was using a doughnut spare. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was confirmed as Clairmont, whose driver’s license had been revoked.

Clairmont’s shoe prints allegedly matched the shoe prints from the scene.

The deputy took a taped statement from Clairmont, who allegedly confessed to the burglary on East River Road. He allegedly admitted stealing an air compressor and using a lock cutter to break into the building.

If convicted, Clairmont faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.