Molnau charged with two counts of assault with a firearm

Sarah Eileen Molnau, 30, Randall, was charged Feb. 7, with one felony count of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon and one misdemeanor count of fifth degree assault, causing fear of bodily harm or death.

On Feb. 4, law enforcement received a report of a person being assaulted with a firearm by Molnau.

The victim told law enforcement he and his girlfriend were sitting in his vehicle in front of Molnau’s residence. She came out with a long gun, went to his side of the vehicle, cocked the gun and pointed it at him, saying she would shoot him.

Molnau then allegedly turned the gun and struck the victim on the head twice with the butt of the gun.

The victim said he and his girlfriend were able to drive away from the scene.

Law enforcement saw red swollen areas on the victim’s forehead and behind his right ear.

Molnau was located and she allegedly agreed to give a taped statement. She said she was upset because she believed he beat up his girlfriend. She allegedly said she punched him, but denies she had a weapon or threatened him with one.

A gun was later found in Molnau’s residence that matched the description given.

If convicted, Molnau faces a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment and/or a $14,000 fine.