Morrison County Commissioners’ 2011 salary, benefits, etc. total more than $219,800

By Liz Verley, Staff Writer 

Salaries for the Morrison County Commissioners have not been increased since 2008.  While the position is considered part-time, many would disagree.

By resolution, their salaries are set each year which continues at $21,328 and a per diem set at $55 per day for meetings

In 2011, the five commissioners combined collected a total salary of $107,026.40. This does not include $10,085.76 they each receive in benefits or their per diems, travel expenses, meals and lodging.

Don Meyer, commissioner for District 4, topped the list with  a total of $47,624.07.

Coming in second was 2011 Board Chairman Duane Johnson who received a total of $46,965.73. Johnson serves as District 5 commissioner.

District 2 Commissioner, Jeff Schilling received a total package of $42,283.09.

Commissioner Tom Wenzel, representing District 1,  received a total of $41,756.02 and District 3 Commissioner  Richard Collins took home a total of $41,230.56.

This does not include per diems from other government agencies or boards they may serve on and it does not include meals that may have been paid for by others such as department heads or other boards and agencies.

All five commissioners received $219,859.47 in salaries, benefits, per diems, travel, meals and lodging in 2011 through Morrison County.

Morrison County Commissioners  Briefs

Business that came before the Morrison County Commissioners Tuesday, included:

• Approving the signing of the agreement between Morrison County, through the Public Health Department and the Little Falls school District for the implementation of the Little Falls Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Substance Use Prevention Project;

• Appointing  Janet Sanderson to fill the District 1 Public Health Advisory Committee vacancy;

• Approving a conditional use permit application for John and Carmen Britz to  establish a 120-foot by 2,100-foot long private airstrip on their property located in Buckman;

• Entering into the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s 2012-2013 county feedlot program delegation agreement and work plan. The plan allows the county to run the feedlot program;

• Executing a six-year contract with Pictometry International for new aerial photography for a total of $143,949; and

• Signing a new joint powers agreement with the Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force.

The next regular meeting of the Morrison County Commissioners will be held Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 9 a.m.