Essential oils are God’s natural gift to man

The first medicines ever used were the natural oils from plants

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer
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Chris Taylor, left, and his wife Lisa advocate the use of essential oils for a healthier body. They are shown toasting with Ningxia Red, a combination of oils and fruits, that he said helped lower his cholesterol.

Essential oils have been around since the beginning of time. They were the first known medications used by man for all his aches and pains.

The oils come from plants. It is the liquid that seeps out from torn leaves or broken stems. The oil helps protect the plant from its environment.

“In medicine, pharmaceutical companies take those oils and mix them with chemicals,” said Lisa Taylor, an advocate of using Young Living  Essential Oils. “It’s the chemicals, not the oils that cause reactions.”

Lisa’s husband Chris, who also uses the oils, said, “They are God’s natural gift to man. They are the first medicines ever used and are mentioned in 182 scriptures in the Bible.”

The Taylors, who live near Cushing, said they began using the oils after Lisa attended an informational meeting. The speaker spoke of allergies, which grabbed Lisa’s attention. At that time, her allergies were severe and she had always reacted poorly to any medications.

“I would spend three months each spring inside my house because of my allergies,” she said.

Lisa learned the oils could possibly alleviate her allergies, so she gave them a try.

“I had immediate results, without medications,” she said. “It took three years to become allergy-free, but now I can go outdoors and smell the wild flowers.”

Lisa, left, and Chris Taylor stand in the middle of a field of lavender on the Young Living farm in St. Maries, Idaho.

Chris said there are three keys to having a healthy lifestyle.

Create a healthy medicine cabinet

Chris said that instead of a drug that could potentially harm the body, put peppermint on the bottom of the feet to reduce a fever. Or use lavender for minor burns, cuts or for a restful sleep. Warts can disappear by using frankincense.

By using oils on a daily basis, he said his family has reduced the number of times they get ill.

“Everything we come into contact with enters our bodies, whether we breathe it or eat it or if it’s just in the air,” he said. “A lot of chemicals and pollutants enter through our skin.”

Chris included in that list the topical medications in one’s medicine cabinet. Even though directions say not to take internally, the medications still enter the body just as if they were taken orally.

Chris said building up oxygen in the body helps to detoxify, plus it will help build up the immune system. The oxygen levels, which are low in most people, push out the toxins.

“Essential oils have the highest oxygenating properties of any substance known to man. Using oils give us energy,” he said.

Fill the nutritional gap

The Taylors said the wellness products they use, all infused with essential oils, support, cleanse and strengthen the immune system. Eating processed foods full of chemicals, trans fats and sugars damage health and deplete  our bodies of vital nutrients.

A well-balanced, chemical-free diet is essential to a healthy body.

Greening the home and the body

Chris and Lisa said all the soaps, shampoos and cleaning products used in today’s homes are chemical-based. Those chemicals enter the body through the skin, just as air pollutants do. They are also sent down the drain and into the earth, many times into the water system. By removing them from the home and using all natural products, it will help both the environment and one’s health.

Chris’ testimonial is that, at one time, his cholesterol was high and climbing. He said it was over 250 and his doctor wanted to put him on statins to lower his risk for a heart attack.

“After six months, I chose to go all natural and began drinking Ningxia Red, a nutrient-infused wolfberry drink,” he said. “Besides changing my diet and exercising, I also added appropriate essential oils and fish oil to my diet. It raised the good cholesterol and lowered the bad.”

In one year, his cholesterol dropped to normal levels.

Essential oils have been shown to have many healing  properties. They can lift moods and fight depression, support the immune system, fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, give pain relief, reduce inflammation, ease stress, decrease insomnia and rejuvenate the skin. The oils may also soothe digestive disorders, improve the circulatory system, soothe burns, cuts and scrapes, nourish and strengthen hair and improve mental clarity. The list is endless.

The oils are used in a variety of ways. They can be inhaled (just open the bottle and breathe), they can be applied topically or can be ingested through food or drink.

“People don’t need to know everything about the oils to begin using them,” said Chris. “Just start slowly.”

The Taylors stress that if anyone is currently on prescribed medications, they should consult their physician before taking essential oils.

Chris and Lisa said they will provide all the education necessary on how to use the oils. They said that eventually, one can replace all chemicals in the medicine and cleaning cabinets, the kitchen and all of one’s personal and pet care.

Classes taught by Chris and Lisa are available through Little Falls Community Services. Future classes will be held Monday, March 19, Monday, March 26, and Wednesday, April 18. Contact Lisa or Chris at (320) 749-2466 or visit their Web site at