Rates rise at Pierz Golf Course; request to post for all seasonal employees at course

By Terry Lehrke, News Editor
[email protected]

Golfers who have memberships for the Pierz Golf Course will have to pay a little more in 2012. Daniel Baert, Golf Course and Parks Supervisor told the Pierz City Council, the Park Board recommended membership fees be raised for the coming season.

For a single adult membership, the fee will now be $325 per year, up from $300 and a couple will now pay $450, as opposed to $425.

Baert said the rates had been the same since 2009, and even with the increase, its nine-hole golf course still offered the  cheapest rates in a 40-mile radius.

All other rates will remain the same for this year — golf punch cards, cart rates, camping and shelter fees.

In addition, Baert said the Park Board recommended that the city advertise all staff positions at the Clubhouse.

“Repost (advertise) for all the positions and have everyone re-apply,” said Baert. He said some staff job descriptions had changed.

As an example, the clubhouse supervisor, filled by Judy Wells last year, will now be called the clubhouse lead.

The recommendation was to post only clubhouse staff, but not for seasonal grounds crew staff and to contact those who had worked part-time on the grounds last year.

Any seasonal employees at the clubhouse from last year who wanted to work again this year, would have to re-apply for the job.

Council Member Adrian Welle said he felt the seasonal clubhouse jobs should be offered to those who worked the season last year before posting again.

Baert said an additional staff member was needed at the clubhouse and the clubhouse lead position would have different responsibilities than the clubhouse supervisor.

Welle said he didn’t feel reposting the positions was necessary, that it was the “same job, different name.”

Welle said he wasn’t sure what the job description changes were. “What did we change and why did we change it,” he said.

“Why do we have to repost when potentially we could have those positions filled with current staff and no training time,” he said.

Welle said the Council was not obligated to take the Park Board’s recommendation, as it served in an advisory capacity only.

“There are a lot of open-ended questions,” said Welle. “We’re making it a lot more work than it really is. I don’t think we should waste city money posting and training. We should try to retain the help we have.”

The Council directed City Administrator Anna Gruber to check with the League of Minnesota Cities about any issues with reposting for the clubhouse positions, but not for the grounds crew positions.

If the League found no issues, Gruber was instructed to repost for the clubhouse positions.