Backs Hensel’s stand on ordinance

To the Editor:

I’m writing in defense of Robin Hensel, although the truth is I’m a little scared – backing her up isn’t going to make me popular – but I’m on Robin’s side because, according to the information I have, I find the point she’s trying to make to be sound and reasonable.

The city, as I understand it, created an ordinance which makes posting a sign stating a belief and recruiting support for that belief a misdemeanor. The city put up a sign “Support Our Troops” stating a belief and recruiting support for it. The fact that I am among the many people who agree with the belief stated on that sign doesn’t justify some folks illegally posting a sign while Hensel is not allowed to do the same thing.

Civics 101: either it’s legal and permitted for any and all citizens to put up signs or it’s illegal and forbidden for any and all. That’s equality, that’s civil rights and that’s where fair-minded people take a stand. So, either change the law and allow anyone to put up statement signs, or every statement sign – in all uncomplicated fairness – has to come down. — Theresa Skorseth, Little Falls

  • my veiw

    Theresa I don’t think you have anything to be afraid of really. I agree with her as well. but what I don’t agree with is her grand standing constant threats of law suites.Poeple that do this in my opinioun are weak of mind and greedy. Instead of taking her victory and being done. In stead she went and got mysterious financial backers and is doing everything in her power to drag anybody and everybody thrugh the dirt to further her own plan so in sure you are good. stick with what you want its your right.