Hall convicted of first degree assault and has a kidnapping charge dismissed

Amy Sue Hall, 27, Cushing, was convicted Feb. 15 in Morrison County District court of one felony county of first degree assault, causing great bodily harm.

On Aug. 10, 2011, an officer with the Kimball Police Department went to a home in Cushing to talk with a resident about an incident that had occurred in Kimball. When he arrived, he discovered an adult male who had been severely beaten. He called an ambulance.

Investigation revealed the resident had invited two people to his home to celebrate a birthday. Also present were Hall and another person.

Later that night, the victim was bound with duct tape, rope and a towing strap. He was then beaten for several hours by Hall and two others.

The victim was taken to the Staples Hospital and it was learned he had a broken rib and a collapsed lung. The treating physician told the police if he had not gotten prompt medical treatment, he  would have died.

Hall admitted the victim had been kicked and punched, that the incident had gone too far, but that he had deserved it.

Hall was sentenced to 43 months in the Correctional Facility in Shakopee, stayed for 10 years and 180 days in jail. She was fined $16,240.75 and given supervised probation for 10 years.

Dismissed against Hall was one felony count of kidnapping to commit bodily harm and/or to terrorize. The charge was dismissed when she pleaded guilty to first degree attempted assault.