Irwin Jacobs files lawsuit in Morrison County Court against Genmar Holdings

A group including Irwin Jacobs has filed suit in Morrison County District Court against Charles Ries, the Chapter 7 trustee of the bankruptcy estates of Genmar Holdings and former subsidiaries of the company.

In the suit, Jacobs said that he has suffered “harm to his business and personal reputation,” as well as “current and prospective business relationships in the boating industry,” as a result of false statements concerning past business dealings by the company.

“Additionally, the trustee has filed ‘multiple lawsuits containing false, outrageous and defamatory statements that have significantly injured and tortuously interfered with plaintiffs’ business opportunities and prospective business relationships,’” he said.

According to the suit, the trustee falsely accused plaintiffs of receiving millions of dollars in allegedly fraudulent payments from Genmar debtors that were never received by the plaintiffs in the case.

Other plaintiffs include his wife, Alexandra Jacobs, Jacobs Management Corp. and Operation Bass Inc., which does business as FLW Outdoors.

Jacobs is seeking damages as deemed proper by the court and a trial by jury instead of a bankruptcy court.