LeMieur blamed for property tax hike

To the Editor:

Listen, my children, and you shall hear of the midnight votes of Mike LeMieur.

Makes it easy to push off the blame, cast at night to avoid the shame.

It was 2011, and on the House floor, in special session since half past four;

Republican LeMieur searched for funds high and low; to balance the budget, but tax the rich? No.

Instead he took money from credits for rent; and property taxes? Way upward they went!

LeMieur voted twice for the school funding “shift,” no matter that it sent school budgets adrift.

Tobacco funds were the next to go, as Republicans kept up their media show.

They stole our school funds but that wasn’t enough;

so they borrowed more money, and told our kids “tough.”

The middle class suffers from Mike LeMieur’s votes.but the rich are all fine, buying new cars and boats.

With the state all shut down until the 21st day, LeMieur kept taking his benefits and pay.

When the shutdown comes up at next campaign time, remember, it cost Mike LeMieur not a dime.

The rich will get richer while paying less tax, and LeMieur balanced the budget on middle class backs. — Alan Olson, Randall