Poetry of everyday life comes out of Randall

Dan Noss captures his world and others in his verses

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

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Two new poetry books have been published by a local author. Dan Noss, a resident of Randall, puts into simple words what he sees in other people, animals and inanimate objects. His couplet style, or rhyming the first line with the second, the third line with the fourth and so on, is easy on both the eye and the ear.

Dan Noss has recently published two books on poetry. His couplets describe many aspects of life itself, from the point of view of children, animals and even inanimate objects.

Noss said he has just recently started writing poetry.

“I cannot seem to sit still, I always have to be doing something. And since I don’t really have a hobby, I began to write,” he said. “When the husbands of two of my friends passed away, I wrote about their lives. I also wrote about my grandmother and several friends. It just kept going.”

Noss published his first book in 2009 and his second this year. He said all he has to do is think of a word, then the poetry flows.

In his lifetime, Noss has lived in 16 states and three countries. He has much to draw on for his writings.

“Looking back on my life one day brought on more poems,” he said. “Listening to conversations of strangers also inspires me.”

The first book, “Poems of Everyday Life,” contains 220 poems, mostly about his life before he came to Randall. The second, “More Poems of Everyday Life,” contains 96 poems, many about the people he has met since he moved to Morrison County. Each looks at a different, but common part of everyone’s life.

“Anyone can read my poems and feel connected,” said Noss.

Noss was in the military for 22 years and is currently an IT contractor with Endeaver Telecom, Barrister Global Services Network and Contingent Network Services.

“I have plenty of down time,” he said. “I can observe my surroundings and write.”

Noss’ poetry can be comedic, it can be sad. It can make a person think. Some poems are touching and others elicit pride. There are poems to fit most situations.

From “Minnesota Without Snow,” he writes, “The snowmobile motors are quiet and rust grows, it is hard to ice fish when the river still flows.”

In another titled, “Hardship Tour of Duty,” Noss writes, “Her five year old daughter did not understand, why her mother had to go to another land. Her daughter said, ‘Mama, please do not go, You will miss Christmas and my school show.’”

Noss writes about being happy, blushing, bowling and boy scouts. He gives his thoughts on a new home, nature, a newborn calf and North Dakota. Snobs, snipers and sisters are not immune from his descriptive musings.

All Noss needs to get his creative juices flowing is a word or two. He has written personal poems for anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions.

His book is available through Bookin’ It in Little Falls, online at www.xlibris.com, www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling him at (320) 232-9412.