Bids approved for repairs to Platte River Bridge in Royalton

By Liz Verley,  Staff Writer 

Tuesday, the Morrison County Commissioners approved the bid for repairing the CR 26 Platte River Bridge in Royalton.

County Public Works Director Steve Backowski said, “The bridge was built in 1970.   It has served well, but the deck and some of the rebar is showing wear and needs to be repaired.”

The Commissioners unanimously awarded the bid to PCi Roads of St. Michael and Lunda Construction of Black River Falls, Wis. for the furnishing of all labor, tools, materials and equipment necessary for the construction of the work provided for under plans and specification for the improvements.

The project is expected to start as soon as school is out and will take several weeks. During that time, traffic will be rerouted down Highway 10 and past the Royalton High School.

The bid  accepted for the project was $98,968.21.

Morrison County Board Briefs

Other business that came before the Morrison County Commissioners Tuesday, included:

• Granting an encroachment license to a property in North Prairie owned by Luke and Kelly Welle;

• Holding a closed meeting for the purpose of an annual performance review on Deb Gruber, Morrison County administrator;

• Approving an exempt permit for the Ramey Morrill Lions Club to hold an event on April 1 at the St. Joseph Parish Hall in Morrill;

• Approving a one-day liquor license to the Pine Grove Zoo to hold an event at the Falls Ballroom on March 16;

• Authorizing the auditor-treasurer to enter into an installment sale agreement for tax forfeited  property. The final agreement will be approved by the county attorney;

• Authorizing the auditor- treasurer to apply for a Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Operating  Grant. The grant would help offset some of the costs of the election equipment; and

• Approving capital equipment purchases which include wireless access for Public Health, including an Apple iPad 2 and Mobile Hot Spot. The cost is not to exceed $1,400 and will come from the Public Health Reserve.

The second item approved was a scanner for the Veterans Service Office. The cost is not to exceed $2,300 with funding coming from the Veterans Program Reserves.

The next regular meeting of the Morrison County Commissioners will be held Tuesday, March 13.