Stacy Zeigler has moved easily into her new position at the Chamber

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

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The Little Falls Chamber of Commerce has found its replacement for Sylvia Ryden, who had been with the Chamber for 47 years. As of Jan. 25, Stacy Zeigler took over Ryden’s desk and began working as the financial and office coordinator.

Prior to this job, Zeigler owned and operated Lost Lake Design on Broadway Avenue for nine years.

Stacy Zeigler has taken over the position at the Little Falls Chamber of Commerce, formerly held for 47 years by Sylvia Ryden. She said she is going to enjoy working with other business leaders in the community.

“I became tired of the stress of operating my own business and wanted my life back,” she said. “I was missing out on a lot of my family life.”

Zeigler tried to sell Lost Lake Design, but had no takers. So, she closed the shop and currently refers business to the two seamstresses who worked with her.

“I love working at the Chamber,” she said. “As Lost Lake Design grew, I was doing so much administrative work. Plus with the Gallery, I was working with artists and now I’m working with other artists for the Craft Fair. I enjoy the networking and working with other business leaders.”

Zeigler’s job includes coordinating the Craft Fair, considering new member applications, taking minutes at meetings, facilitating the Lindy Greeters and working with the Outstanding Service Committee that chooses the Employee of the Month, the Large and Small Businesses of the Year and the Volunteer of the Year.

She said the parts of her new job she enjoys the most are getting home at a reasonable hour and working with both Deb Boelz and Gina Vetter.

“I also love to read the notes from elementary school children looking for information on our area. It’s fun to make up a packet to send to them,” she said.

Zeigler said she is beginning to get new vendor applications for the 2012 Craft Fair. She said one of the changes this year to the Fair will be an area set aside for trade vendors such as Tupperware or Pampered Chef products.

In Zeigler’s spare time, she still loves to sew, but is enjoying the hiatus. She still designs through fiber art, though, and continues to be involved in her Knit and Stitch group.

She is on the Great River Arts Association Board and involved with its marketing committee. She also volunteers at Lindbergh Elementary School helping students read.

Zeigler is married to Mark Christensen and they have one daughter, Macy, 7.

“Right now, I am still getting used to my new life and new pace,” she said. “As for anything else in my life, I will have to see what kind of time I have left.”