WSN counters Kuechle’s request for additional funds

Welch increases his offer by $3,102.72

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

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The Motley City Council voted in special session Tuesday to accept Widseth Smith Nolting’s (WSN) recommendation to pay Kuechle Underground Inc. an additional $11,022,19.

WSN engineer Aric Welch told the Council that his recommendation was not binding, and that the dispute between Kuechle and the city could continue.

At the Jan. 10 Council meeting, Welch presented the request from Kuechle for $77,875.62 in additional payments for work done during the 2011 street project. Welch countered with $7,919.47.

At a Jan. 20 meeting between Welch and Kuechle, the request for additional payments was reduced to $65,934.44. Welch said he would recommend increasing the amount owed to $11,022.19 to compensate for five additional days for grading and three additional days for delayed utility work.

“Even though the  contract states claims must be made in writing within 30 days of the event, it is our opinion than delays caused by existing underground facility companies warrants a time extension. The delays were partially outside of the contractor’s control, even though the contractor is ultimately responsible for coordinating the work with the utility,” wrote Welch in his proposal.

Welch broke down his recommendations as such:

• Additional grading work (1,024 cubic yards times $8.75 each) comes to $8,960;

• Raising gate valves at $1,035;

• Clearing and grubbing trees on Fourth Avenue at $962.19; and

• Grubbing trees at the intersection of Cedar Street and Pine Avenue comes to $65.

If Kuechle does not agree with the final decision of Widseth Smith Nolting, it may start dispute resolution procedures.