Sometimes parents, not kids, need help

To the Editor:

Why is there a child protection law? If a child requests the police to come to his home because he is scared of his own parent, you would think someone would be concerned and look into the situation. Why does it take an act of violence for something to be done?

Sometimes it’s the parent that doesn’t know how to deal with life’s situations or that the parent will not admit that they are the one with the problem, and then they persuade the public that the child is to blame. Then the child is put on medication which does absolutely nothing to solve the problem.

Instead of spending government money on drugs given to these children, why doesn’t the government spend money on getting the parent some help. Maybe some children really need these meds, but there are some that do not; they just need someone to say positive things to them, to play with or just someone there to talk to.

There was a sign that says Morrison County loves its children. Start showing it by getting these parents the help they need to raise their children the right way. — Rita and John Tykwinski, Little Falls