Motley City Council cleans up several issues

By Tina Snell, Staff Writer

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The Motley City Council voted Tuesday night to accept a counter-offer from Kuechle Underground Inc. for the additional money the company says the city owes. It also voted to accept the Street Committee’s original recommendation to pave Wellwood Street and Emory Circle in 2012.

Kuechle offered a counter-proposal of $20,062.19 to the City Council for excess work done on the 2011 street project. Of that, Kuechle would pay MTD Excavation $20,000 for dirt work and would retain the rest for gate valves and tree removal.

The Council agreed to the amount with a signed mutual release of satisfaction that said neither party would be able to go after additional compensation in the future.

At a February meeting, Council members voted to send new proposals on both Wellwood Street and Emory Circle to the Street Committee. The Committee again returned its original recommendations to the Council to pave both Emory Circle and Wellwood Street.

Members of the Committee agreed to the width change of Wellwood Street from 36 feet to 30 feet, since it was a dead end road, but said the money saved was not enough to warrant shortening its length.

Emory Circle will also be paved. Looking back on the May 2011 minutes, the Council at that time voted to pave Emory Circle if and when Morrison Street was done.

Since Morrison Street is on the list of roads to be paved in 2012, Emory Circle will be also done.

The Council also looked into the 42 percent to be assessed property owners for the 2012 project, wanting it closer to 30 percent. Engineer Aric Welch from Widseth Smith Nolting will crunch the numbers and get back to the Council.