A warrant has been issued for Szczodroski’s arrest

David Tyrel Szczodroski, 30, Little Falls, was charged with one felony count each of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic assault by strangulation and domestic assault in the Morrison County District Court.

On Feb. 24, the Little Falls Police Department learned of a domestic assault which had been committed. Investigation allegedly showed Szczodroski committed the assault, and that the victim had been assaulted by him in the past.

Szczodroski and the victim had allegedly argued and the argument had become violent. The victim said he pushed her to the floor, grabbed a computer cord and wrapped it around her, making it difficult to breathe.

When another person at the residence told them to be quiet, Szczodroski fled the scene and his whereabouts is currently unknown.

Further investigation revealed Szczodroski had allegedly been using methamphetamine for several days, had not slept and had become increasingly violent.

An examination of Szczodroski’s criminal record showed he was previously convicted of felony domestic assault Jan. 18, 2007, and Aug. 11, 2009. There were several other convictions for qualified domestic violence-related offenses within the past 10 years, including a conviction in 2009, which resulted in a prison sentence.

Szczodroski has been convicted of seven felonies in the past 10 years, including three violating a harassment restraining order convictions.

The state has requested a warrant be issued for his arrest.

If convicted, Szczodroski faces a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment and/or a $14,000 fine.