Gazelka is using voters in District 9

To the Editor:

So Paul Gazelka is running away from us with his carpetbag, hoping that some district that doesn’t know him as well might send him back for another ride on the gravy train.

No problem for Gazelka — just buy or rent another home just for an election. Considering how little it seems to bother Gazelka to spend money for that, it’s easy to understand why he voted consistently for the wealthiest Minnesotans — and against the rest of us.

It’s apparently easy for Gazelka to move and leave behind the damage he’s done. However, it won’t be easy for him to leave his voting record behind, too.

Gazelka’s record of voting to get rid of homestead market value credit will follow him into his new district. Rural property taxes increased far more than metro rates and Gazelka voted to do that.

Gazelka’s anti-labor record and radical social agenda will follow him into his new district. That area is also filled with good hardworking people who are paying too much for property taxes and health care and want the government out of their lives. Gazelka made all those worse.

I hope the good people in the new District 9 realize they’re being used. — M. Fritz Bertelt, Brainerd