Kuchinski faces seven years in prison

Cassandra Lynn Kuchinski, 29, Little Falls, has been charged with one felony count fifth degree possession of drugs and one misdemeanor count of fourth degree operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance  by Morrison County Attorney Brian Middendorf and his staff.

On Feb. 23, a Little Falls police officer observed a vehicle showing a white light in the rear passenger seat. The officer stopped the vehicle, approached and observed stickers on the rear windshield, obstructing the view of the driver, identified as Kuchinski.

Kuchinski stated she knew she shouldn’t have the stickers on her window. And when asked, she allegedly could not provide proof of insurance.

Because Kuchinski’s reactions and answers to questions were allegedly slow and her eyes were bloodshot and watery, the officer concluded Kuchinski was under the influence.

Several field sobriety tests were done and Kuchinski allegedly did not pass.

An inventory of the car allegedly revealed 1.51 grams of marijuana and Clonazepam, Zolpidem, Tartrate and Oxycodone, all controlled substances that require a prescription.

If convicted, Kuchinski faces a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and/or a $20,000 fine.