LeMieur didn’t deliver on promises

To the Editor:

Mike LeMieur promised that he’d support all MCCL policies. LeMieur signed that agreement, along with several other pledges, during his last campaign.

He broke his word when he voted to remove the ban on funding research for human cloning; that provision was strongly opposed by the MCCL. LeMieur voted with all the rest of the Republicans to pass that bill. He voted against the MCCL and against his pledge.

LeMieur also signed the Minnesota “no new taxes” pledge. Most of you had property tax increases. Property taxes increased for most people because the homestead credit was removed. LeMieur voted with all the other Republicans to pass that. Farmers and rural businesses had bigger increases than the metro area. Not only did he vote against his pledge, he voted against his district. He’s passing off that vote as “unintended consequences” It’s terrible if he didn’t understand the consequences. It’s worse if he just didn’t care.

LeMieur also signed onto an expensive lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act. When the truth comes out about how much that Act will help people in this area, we’ll see this is just more of LeMieur’s “unintended consequences.”

LeMieur promised everybody everything, but didn’t deliver. — Liz Wheeler, Randall