Tenure is not a bad word

To the Editor:

Quoting Mike LeMieur’s article in the Jan. 29 issue of the Record, “removing barriers to eliminate ineffective teachers, including ‘last in first out policy.’”

In my opinion, Mr. LeMieur, it is not your job to make laws to remove barriers, etc., in schools.

I believe your job is to adequately fund school administrators, so support time is funded well enough that academic leaders can monitor, mentor and guide a first-year teacher.

Statistics show it takes $11,000 and two years to properly guide that teacher into the school system and another four to six years to be fully acclimated into that school system.

Students spend four years and about $80,000 to get their teaching degree, plus another two years and $30,000 for a master’s. Who would invest that time and money if they could be replaced at will?

Tenure is not a bad word. We see no articles accurately published on this issue. People do not have facts to base an informed opinion.

In the past five years, our school district terminated four tenured teachers. A school district south of us terminated three tenured teachers. The facts show it can and is being done. — Shirley Stukey, Hillman