The Republican overreach

To the Editor:

As Republicans on the far right continue to lose their grip on reality, the rest of us are left to wonder:

Will voting for a marriage amendment that discriminates against 7 percent of our population help me find a job?

Will voting for an amendment that claims to solve phantom ID fraud at the polls feed my kids?

Will the “shoot first ask questions later” bill help me pay my mortgage?

Is demanding more from local governments while at the same time cutting their funding supposed to make sense?

How does borrowing money to balance a budget not insult my intelligence?

These issues along with other assorted nonsense have become wearisome and keep us from working together to provide good education, good jobs and good health care for everyone.

Republican overreaching has earned the state legislature a 17 percent approval rating. Pushing a far right agenda may bring them unintended consequences in November. — Mary Surma, Little Falls.