Gazelka is a true public servant

To the Editor:

A true public servant is willing to sacrifice for the people and that is what I see in Sen. Paul Gazelka. He and his family are willing to move to stick with us here in Morrison County. He has committed to continue to serve us and to work for us as well as Todd County and parts of Cass and Wadena counties.

Because of redistricting, this area was left without an incumbent, but because Gazelka has felt connected to us in the past two years, he has opted to run in this area. We will continue to have a senator that cares about us and our communities.

We can trust in Gazelka’s conservative values and that he will continue to uphold them. He is a pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage candidate that is unafraid to take a stand. He is committed to creating jobs and to promoting business in Minnesota. He cares about Camp Ripley. His dedication to the people of Morrison County and the state is unwavering and is to be commended. I am glad he has chosen us and wants to run in the newly-formed Senate District 9. — Joyce Heffron, Little Falls