LeMieur admits he failed at his job

To the Editor:

Here are a few quotes from a Feb. 8 St. Cloud Times article on legislative changes to property tax laws.

“GOP Rep. Mike LeMieur also says he didn’t grasp the magnitude of tax increases the changes would cause when he voted for them.”

“At the time he voted for the tax bill, LeMieur says he understood the tax changes to be ‘almost a wash.’”

But LeMieur says he’s since learned the changes will cause property tax hikes of an average of about 8 percent for property owners in his Morrison County district.

“When it was explained to us, it sounded like a pretty good deal,” LeMieur said. “It had unintended consequences that I wasn’t thinking were going to happen.”

We’re having too many costly “unintended consequences” from the last election in 12B. Voters who weren’t satisfied cast out thoughtful representatives who did their homework and replaced them with representatives like LeMieur who, by his own words, didn’t understand how his votes affected his own district.

Even worse, LeMieur is a member of the Property and Local Tax Division (Committee). Reading and understanding tax bills is their job. LeMieur failed to do his job. — Eileen Brausen, Pierz